Igor Cantalapiedra: Igor practiced different martial arts as judo before taking up Aikido. The aikido that Igor develops is based on a genuine contact between attacker (tori) and defender (uke). In particular Igor is practicing an aikido based on “center-to-center contact“: any technique should be made in a manner that tori controls the center of uke at any point in time (closing the gaps or the disconnections); Igor’s Aikido is also based in searching for the “kuzushi” (breaking the balance): In any technique it is very important to create first a “kuzushi” on uke, so as to make the technique fluent and effortless;

He followed stages of many senseis, to name firstly are Fujita sensei from Japan and Peter Bacas sensei, an aikido pioneer in Holland. Later in his path he got fascinated by Yamashima sensei and the line of disciples that follow the line of Yamaguchi sensei. Igor is also passionate about Japan, which he visits regularly for intense aikido training and exploring the Japanese culture.

Igor has an official certification as Aikido teacher level 3 from Aikido Nederland, recognised by the NOC-NSF. He is currently Sandan Aikikai Aikido.

In the Kokoro Dojo, Igor has the following functions: Head of Instruction of the Kokoro Dojo;  Responsible of instruction, technical program and examination; Board Member.


Michiel Slijper: Michiel’s fascination for martial arts started when he was 14 years old and went with one of his friends to an aikido demonstration in Belgium. His professional life took him to the Netherlands where he practiced in dojo’s in Amsterdam and the Hague, with Peter Bacas, an aikido pioneer in the Netherlands. The kind of aikido that Michiel would like to develop is one that enables the body and the mind to have a steady state, but to become flexible, not only as defender (tori) but also attacker (uke).

Michiel has an official certification as Aikido teacher level 2 Aikido Nederland, recognised by the NOC-NSF. He is currently Nidan Aikikai Aikido.

In the dojo, Michiel has the following responsibilities: Treasurer, Contact person for any question related to fees and general administration; Board Member.