Classes are offered in English.

In aikido in principle everybody practices together: women, men, young and old.

Our vision is that if experienced people train with practicioners who are less experienced, the knowledge is spread faster.

In order to optimise the aikido experience in our dojo, Tuesday class is open class for intermediate level and above. Everyone with basic skills and ability to perform ukemi (rolling techniques) is welcome. This level is reached when you have a 5th kyu grade.

In order to get to this level, in the Thursday classes we begin with basic moves, ukemi (rolling/falling techniques), basic attacks and tai sabaki (body movements/general body coordination) from 19.30-20.25. Then from 20.30 onwards we go up a notch and do a class like on Tuesday.

On Thursdays we also practice once a month with Japanese traditional weapons: bokken (wooden sword) –  jo (wooden staff) – and tanto (wooden knife). All levels are welcome, including beginners

Where: Tuesday: Haags Montessori Lyceum Den Haag, Nassau Bredastraat 5 Den Haag; Thursday: het Klokhuis, Celebesstraat 4, Den Haag.

Are you interested?

Contact:, call Michiel Slijper: 0620252700 or Igor Cantalapiedra 0630800546

the first trial class is always for  free!