Classes are offered in English.

In Aikido in principle everybody practices together: women, men, young and old. Our vision is that if experienced people train with practicioners who are less experienced, the knowledge is spread faster.

Tuesday class is dedicated to Aikido in a fluid manner, the accent is on developing flowing and relaxed movements. On that day our class takes place from 19.30-21.00.  

On Thursday firstly there is a basic class from 19.30 to 20.25. We dedicate the class to learning how to safely fall and basic moves. Then from 20.30 we go up one notch and practice more fluidly, like on Tuesday. 

Our Dojo is really a safe place to practice and we really care about safety, welcoming people and making them feel at home. We hope you can experience it and enjoy a trial class with us.

On Thursdays we also practice once a month with Japanese traditional weapons: bokken (wooden sword) –  jo (wooden staff) – and tanto (wooden knife). All levels are welcome, including beginners.

Where: Haags Montessori Lyceum (HML) Den Haag, Nassau Bredastraat 5 Den Haag.

Are you interested?

Contact:, call Michiel Slijper: 0620252700 or Igor Cantalapiedra 0630800546

The first trial class is always for  free!