General aspects that serve as guidance in the KOKORO dojo: Technical aspects: 

  • Search for the center of the partner,
  • Search for the contact with the partner,
  • Soft ukemis,
  • Soft and efficient realization of techniques,
  • Producing techniques with shoulder and upper body relaxed and lower body stable and strong;
  • Producing techniques relying more on the weight and the hip-power than on the arms/legs power;
  • Producing techniques taking into account the principles of: the unbendable arm, the stability of the lower body, the triangle, circle and square elements,
  • Right posture for both Tori and Uke,
  • Awareness of the importance of unbalancing “kuzushi”,
  • Awareness of the surrounding space (maai),
  • Awareness of the importance of good timing,

  Discipline/social aspects: 

  • Respect to each other and respect to Uke/Tori,
  • Respect to your seniors (sempais) and taking care of your students (kohais),
  • Perseverance and happiness with small improvements at a time (patience),
  • Awareness of the importance of the harmony in the Dojo and the harmony outside the Dojo,

 Other aspects (cultural/spiritual): 

  • Developing stillness and quietness in your mind when practicing or when the teacher explains something,
  • Honesty as Tori and as Uke: in your attack and in your defense,
  • Spiritual aspects of Aikido (books of aikido),
  • Cultural aspects of Aikido (Japanese culture and uses),